Why Not Now

At the age of 50, blind and afraid of water, Vivian Stancil dove in to save her life.

Featuring: Vivian Stancil & Turner Stancil
Director/Editor: Riley Hooper
Producer: Caitlin Mae Burke
Cinematographer: Ora DeKornfeld
Underwater cinematographer: Laura DiFiglio 
AC/Gaffer: Nina Ham
Underwater AC: Steve Fitzpatrick
Sound: Cindy Takehara
Hair and makeup: Betsy Marshall
PA: Kaitlyn Jeffers

Colorist: Noah Todd
Original score: Zubin Hensler
-Piano: Jake Sherman
-Vocals: Sara Lucas
Sound design & mix: Calvin Pia/One Thousand Birds
Assistant Editor: Jonathan Johnson

An Own Your Tomorrow Film Presented by Charles Schwab and Vimeo Brand Studio.

Riley Hooper