Jay Arthur Sterrenberg

Jay Arthur Sterrenberg is a New York based filmmaker and a co-founder of Meerkat Media, an award-winning arts collective & worker cooperative production company that prioritizes shared authorship and consensus in their creative process. Since 2005, they have produced collaboratively-directed feature documentaries, independent short films and hundreds of commissioned media projects for grassroots organizations, news magazines, foundations and nonprofits. 

Jay’s work has broadcast on PBS, HBO, NETFLIX, and CNN and screened at Sundance, Tribeca, Berlin & IDFA. His documentary editing credits include the 2020 Netflix series Immigration Nation (Dir. Shaul Schwarz & Christina Clusiau), Oscar short-listed Dark Money (Dir. Kimberly Reed), Emmy winning Trophy (Dir. Shaul Schwarz & Christina Clusiau), Oscar nominated Redemption (Dir. Jon Alpert & Matt O’Neill) and Oscar Shortlisted Netflix Original After Maria (Dir. Nadia Hallgren). 

As a director, his short documentary Public Money (PBS) is an observed portrait of an experiment in participatory democracy in Meerkat’s home neighborhood of Sunset Park.

Public Money