The Faithful: The King, The Pope, The Princess

Elvis, Princess Diana, and Pope John Paul II are undoubtedly still alive today, thanks to their devoted followers who love, admire, and consume them. Literally. The Faithful, a new film by writer/director Annie Berman, powerfully explores fandom, memorabilia and the magnetic appeal of three of the most influential cultural icons of our time. This documentary, twenty years in the making, leads viewers on an emotional journey leaving them looking inwards, reflecting on their own lives and the connections they cherish.

A Pope John Paul II lollipop. An Elvis Presley shower curtain. A Princess Diana teacup. These are just some of the countless pieces of memorabilia that these pop culture icons’ most devoted fans collect and cherish… but why? Berman profiles these figures’ biggest fans and makes numerous pilgrimages to Vatican City, Graceland, and Kensington Palace. As the years go by, the film itself becomes increasingly entwined with Berman’s daily life and identity, much like how these officially-licensed knick-knacks define the fans she filmed.

90 minutes | Color | HD | Stereo or 5.1


Producer, Director, Writer, Narrator, Co-Editor

Annie Berman


Sara Theriault

Collaborating Producers

Matt Mankins

Andre Valentim Almeida


Oliver David

Associate Producers

Eric Forman

Sayaka Watanabe


André Valentim Almeida

Additional Editing

Sarah Enid Hagey

Sound Design & Mix

Andrew Kirwan

Restoration & Color

Paulo Cunha Martins

Produced with the support of the New York State Council on the Arts

In partnership with Wave Farm: Media Arts Assistance Fund

And from, The Puffin Foundation, Ltd.,

The Somerville Arts Council; 

With support from, The Kopkind Colony; The Center for Independent Documentary;

UnionDocs / Rockefeller Brothers Fund; Signal Culture; and the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective

Distributed with support from Grant for the Web

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A Fish in the Hand Production

Produced in association with The Center for Independent Documentary

and The Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective

Annie Berman