Song of Clouds

A haunting visual fever dream. Simultaneously, a meditation on the afterlife; the journey to the otherworld and what gets left behind among the living; and the pain and yearning of return.

My Own Wings

My Own Wings is a transmedia project that aims to explore the intersex identity. Originally the term “hermaphrodite” was used to describe the phenomena, but it has since been substituted with intersex because it was seen as offensive. Intersex people are not born with "both" sexes but born with a...

800 Jahre

Directed by Daniel Shea and Adam GolferMusic: "Legende" by Roedelius2020

Two Sunsets

“Two Sunsets” (2020) is an experimental film essay, framed by 2 photographs of a sunset Golfer discovered in a box of his dad’s belongings, 10 years after his death. The mysterious provenance of the 2 pictures permeates the film in multiple imagined conversations unfurling across time and space: between Golfer’s...

The Fall of the House of Usher

Animated film adaptation of Philip Glass’ opera based on a tale by Edgar Allan Poe. Two reclusive twins living in a mysterious mansion, a mute young immigrant girl detained at the U.S./Mexican border, and television as a window into our collective unconscious. Directed by James Darrah. Written by Raúl Santos.

Through The Eyes of My Meal

Choreographer // Katherine MaxwellDirector // Jordan Taylor FullerProducer // Chris Casey Director of Photography // William Babcock Original Score Composed by // Basic Shapes (Patrick Estabrook + Brooke Morrison)