Horimono: Japan’s Tattoo Pilgrimage

Living amongst heavy negative stereotypes around traditional horimono tattoos in Japan, a group of tattooed pilgrims practice a centuries-old, holy mountain pilgrimage that solidifies its role in Japanese culture.Directed by Kira Dane and David CapraraProduced by Alice GordenkerCinematography by Michael CrommettEdited by Kira DaneColorist Amy BesateSound Design by David Britton

Dial Home

In “Dial Home,” directed by César Martínez Barba, the telemarketing industry in Tijuana employs deportees from the U.S. who are attempting to create a new life.

The Service

THE SERVICE charts a day in the life of Myles Wily, a veteran turned weed delivery man during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in New York City in 2020. Director: Nathan Fitch @nathanfitchDP: Eric Schleicher @e_schleicherAdditional camera: Dylan Gaffney @dylangafferProducers: Nathan Fitch, Dylan Gaffney, Eric SchleicherEditors: Nathan Fitch, Danya...

Drawing Life

In “Drawing Life,” directed by Nathan Fitch, the New Yorker’s George Booth looks back on fifty years of work — including the only cartoon to be published in the issue following 9/11.

Chasing Tokyo 2021

She’s one of the best skateboarders in the world. In “Chasing Tokyo 2021,” by Nathan Fitch, Lizzie Armanto recounts her award-winning career as she prepares for the 2021 Summer Olympics. Director & Producer, Nathan Fitch: vimeo.com/nathanfitchCinematographer, Eric Schleicher: vimeo.com/ericschleicherSound Recordist & Add Camera, Kristian Mellom: vimeo.com/kristianmelomEditor, Anna Quinlan: vimeo.com/annaquinlanColorist, Cédric von Niederhäusern: vimeo.com/niederhausSound Mix, Chase...


Directed by Lorena Alvarado Editor: Lorena Alvarado & Karen OetlingDP: Shep Po KwanProducer: FABRICA, Chiara Codognotto Capuzzo, Karen OetlingColor: Kendra SandersSound Design & Music: Antti L.S. Ikonen

The New Ché of Havana

Directed and edited by: Bryan Chang + Alex MallisProduced by: Allison PottaschCinematography: Bryan Chang A Cuban skateboarder and artist must reconcile looming changes and a nascent free-market economy with his desire to continue operating his tattoo shop - currently illegal in Havana. Vimeo Staff PickFeatured in The AtlanticFeatured in Huck MagazineFeatured in RemezclaPodcasted on NoFilmSchool

Raising Baby Grey

Directed by: Alex MallisProduced by: Alex Mallis + Sascha WeissEdited by Lorena AlvaradoDP: Eric Phillips-HorstOriginal Music: Eliot KrimskyExecutive Producers: Matt O'Neill + Perri PeltzCompany: DCTV After two parents decide to raise their baby as gender neutral, they discover that gender-creative parenting comes with its own set of worries and challenges. Essay in The New...

Song of Clouds

A haunting visual fever dream. Simultaneously, a meditation on the afterlife; the journey to the otherworld and what gets left behind among the living; and the pain and yearning of return.

The Image You Missed

A film between Donal Foreman & Arthur MacCaig.Written, directed, edited & produced by Dónal ForemanExecutive produced by Nicole Brenez & Philippe Grandrieux An Irish filmmaker grapples with the legacy of his estranged father, the late documentarian Arthur MacCaig, through MacCaig's decades-spanning archive of the conflict in Northern Ireland. Drawing on...