Sara Crow

Sara Crow is a filmmaker from Arizona based in New York. She is especially passionate about telling stories of subcultures, misfits, and those who operate on the fringes of society. 

Her debut narrative short film “Bluebird” was awarded the Black Family Film Prize at NYU’s Graduate Film program, where she is currently a thesis student. She was awarded the Martin Scorsese Scholarship and a Maurice Kanbar Scholarship. Her coming-of-age comedy Satoshi is currently a finalist for the $100,000 Sloan Production Award. Her first narrative feature film is currently in pre-production with Peter Newman Productions: The Quick and the Dead, based on the Pulitzer-Prize finalist novel by Joy Williams. 

As a documentarian, Sara has produced nonfiction work for HBO, Disney+, CNN, MSNBC, Quibi, truTV, Viceland, and Showtime. In 2016, she released her directorial debut, the feature documentary, Never Get Tired about beloved cult musician Jeff Rosenstock, which, eight years after its release, continues to screen in independent theaters and music venues around the world. She is in post-production on a short documentary, Youth of the North, which follows a group of indigenous punk musicians and activists in Siberia. She is currently at work as the lead creative producer on Public Access, a feature documentary directed by David Shadrack Smith, in partnership with Elara Pictures and Olive Productions. 

Her background in journalistic documentaries bleeds into her narrative work; Sara loves world-building and diving into secret and little known histories. She is a member of the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective and the Video Consortium. The only thing she loves more than telling stories is playing with her dog Story.