Joanna Arnow

Joanna is a filmmaker and actor based in Brooklyn. Her past films include “Bad at Dancing” which won the Berlinale Silver Bear Jury Prize, “Laying Out” and personal documentary feature “i hate myself :)” Her films have screened at other festivals including Rotterdam, New York Film Festival and Hong Kong International. She currently is in post-production on her fiction feature “The Feeling That the Time for Doing Something Has Passed” which participated in Berlinale Script Station, Gotham Week 2021 and When East Meets West.

In addition to making films, Joanna also works as an actor. She has appeared in Aaron Schimberg’s “Chained for Life,” Collins Salovaara’s “Google Ambien,” Zach Fleming’s “Staycation,” Kati Skelton’s “Wet Shapes,” Todd Verow’s “Fucked in the Head,” Colin Healy’s forthcoming “In the Cards” and Veronica Rutledge’s “Citizen Zero.”