Adam Golfer

Adam Golfer is a filmmaker, artist and cinematographer based in New York. His studio practice combines elements of photography, book making, short films, and installations, and informs his work as a DP. Adam’s work looks at the socio-psychological spaces between histories, and challenges the way we understand the past, present and future. His film essays and installations have been exhibited at the MoCP in Chicago, Hunter College, the Goethe Institut and the 92Y. In 2016, his photographic monograph, A House Without a Roof, was shortlisted for the Kraszna-Krausz Foundation’s photography book of the year, as well as the Aperture-Paris Photo First Book Award.

His trilogy of short films We’ll Do the Rest (2015), Router (2017) and Two Sunsets (2020), reside in the slippery space between history and memory, employing multiple, overlapping narratives. In Golfer’s cosmology, the Holocaust, migration, the Border Wall, the death of his father, drone pilots, bird watching, Nazi reenactors, addiction, Hollywood, the moon and River Phoenix’s ghost are all symbols for the same idea -absence.

IT IS A SOUL: A Portrait of Hailu Mergia
800 Jahre
Two Sunsets
We'll Do the Rest